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When visitors are looking for boutique hotels in Cambridge that are within walking distance of the city’s most storied attractions, the Rectory Farm Hotel is the perfect choice. Guests have access to a range of accommodations; they can stay in a historic country home or a modern chalet. Read on to learn why people from all over the world come to Cambridge and our hotel.

King’s College

Founded by King Henry VI in 1441, King’s College has become a crucial part of Cambridge University. With prime ministers, mathematicians, novelists, and other famous alumni, King’s College has a long and storied history, as well as magnificent surroundings. It’s only a stone’s throw away from the Rectory Farm Hotel, which means visitors can explore the landscaped gardens and the waterfront at their leisure. After enjoying afternoon tea or attending a choral recital, guests can come back to the hotel near Cambridge to relax in comfort.

The Fitzwilliam Museum

Established to house the 7th Viscount Fitzwilliam’s massive art collection, the University of Cambridge’s principal museum is still home to the most impressive antiquities and art collection in the city. Over 500,000 works are in the collection, with items ranging from Roman and Egyptian artefacts to art from the 21st century.  Return to a master bedroom, chalet double or house single after the museum tour, and enjoy high-speed Internet, an en suite shower and bathroom, and stunning field and garden views.

The River Cam

The River isn’t just Cambridge’s lifeline, it’s one of its most beautiful landmarks. Our section of the river is lined by Cambridge University’s brand buildings, and our hotel guests will get impressive views of the Bridge of Sighs, the Wren Library, King’s College, and other historic landmarks. After taking a River Cam tour in a flat-bottomed boat or watching the university rowing team’s practice session, come back to the Rectory Farm Hotel for some rest and relaxation in a boutique setting.

The Mathematical Bridge

On every tour of Cambridge’s riverfront, the Mathematical Bridge is one of the most popular landmarks. This humble 18th century footbridge connects the Queen’s College’s new and old buildings, and legend holds that Isaac Newton built it to illustrate the theories of gravity and force. However, the bridge was built in 1749 by James Essex, according to plans from designer William Etheridge. Its official name is the Wooden Bridge, but it earned its world-famous nickname because of its engineering design and self-supporting qualities. Like other Cambridge landmarks, it’s quite easy for guests of the Rectory Farm Hotel to visit the Mathematical Bridge.

The University of Cambridge

The University was founded in 1209, which makes it the English-speaking world’s second-oldest college. Most of the University’s buildings are of historical import, and its various museums explore science, culture, biology, and the arts. Guests of our boutique hotel in Cambridge are invited to tour the place where some of the most famous scientists and academics studied, and they will receive a warm welcome upon their return.

There are many things to do in Cambridge, and we’re proud to welcome over 10,000 guests per year. For more information or to book accommodations, visit our Rooms and Prices page.



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